1. What is LSS?

Franchise of Lahore School System is a Project of Lahore Educational & Welfare Society (LEWS). LEWS is a registered NGO with Directorate of Social Welfare Department Government of Punjab under voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration & Control) Ordinance.
Now LSS is expanding its network to provide quality education to the young generation.

  1. What are requisite to be a part of LSS Chain?

The requisite to be a part of the Chain of Lahore School System is just investment and land whether you are experienced or a new comer in this field. Do not worry we will provide you guidance through our professional experience so that you may be benefitted from your investment.
LSS hopes to:

  1. Give students, Parents & Partners an International Experience and make them aware of the work around them.
  2. Give Schools in Pakistan an exposure to international curriculum activities.


  1. Is the Project moderated?

Absolutely to maintain the highest standards of quality control and to ensure a safe environment for students, teachers, parents & Partners.

  1. What benefits we can have?
  2. Investment in the franchise of Lahore School System is Secure.
  3. The appreciation of Property is guaranteed especially on land and building.
  4. Goodwill of a brand name.
  5. Agreement for 15 Years
  6. The Project offers the venture of comprehensive Schools (Play Group to Class 10th)
  7. Centralized Management System for Academics. Uniform and Educational Material.
  8. Inter School Transfer Facility.
  9. Selection of Faculty and relevant Staff.
  10. Comprehensive Marketing Campaign on Print, Electronic Media and Signboards.
  11. Continuous Improvement through Training and Development by Training Need Analysis.
  12. Constructive Counseling of the Investors.
  13. Site and location Analysis for the Selection of School Site.
  14. The School will be designed, constructed and renovated in accordance with LSS design specifications.
  15. The School furniture & Fixture will be designed in accordance with design Specification of LSS.
  16. Centralized buying to maintain economy and uniform educational standards throughout the network.



The Process starts with a Customer’s Inquiry about the Project. These inquiries are carefully dealt and then recorded on Information Form (Form A). After analyzing the inquiry, a marketing executive is designated to follow up. The Information file consisting of LSS Profile, leaflets, financial proposal and Application Form (Form B) is immediately Provided /Sent to the Customer. Rest of the back up is provided to customer after the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

  1. What is centralized Management System?

Network Associate will be provided comprehensive School operating manuals for Administration, Academics and Finance. Teaching packs will also be provided to teachers and resource persons for effective and better teaching. Moreover, the teaching faculty will also be trained and educated in lesson planning. LSS Shall also provide academic calendar to its network partner schools.

  1. What about Educational Material and School Uniform?

Centralized arrangements will be made for availability of uniform, Books, notebooks, stationary and others etc.

  1. Is there any facility of Continuous Professional Development Programs?

Yes, LSS will provide services for the continuous Professional Development and the Capacity Building of the Management and Teaching Staff of Network Partners.